Post Op Instructions and Patient Satisfaction

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Patient Testimonials

"Having just completed my 3rd Mohs treatment under the skilled hands of Dr. Rausch, I can honestly say Richmond is fortunate to have such a dedicated, experienced and caring doctor. Each patient is warmly encouraged to have a confident outlook regardless of the complexity of each individual case."

February 2016

"Unfortunately, in this day and time, customer service rarely exists -- whether it be a medical facility or a grocery store. But your service and folks were an exception! Everyone was warm, friendly, professional and reassuring. Many thanks to you all for kindly guiding me through this."

January 2016

"I always recommend Dr. Rausch to others. She is fantastic! At my age and with what I did to my skin when I was younger, I will probably see the doctor again. I hope not. The staff is always great and the doctor did a very nice job stitching my forehead. Thanks to all!"

January 2016

"I was very impressed with the friendly staff who put me at ease and with the professional way your program is run. Great impression!"

December 2015

"All of you work together like a fine-tuned machine. Very impressed and so thankful to have found you!"

December 2015

"Dr. Rausch and her team have managed to craft an environment for their patients to have a pleasant experience when having an unpleasant procedure. I really enjoyed being there."

November 2015

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SSCV's Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide only the highest quality, compassionate care for patients requiring Mohs/dermatologic surgery. The promotion of patient comfort and quality care is the objective of our policies and procedures. Many of the rules and policies of the Practice are intended to build patient confidence in the physician and the staff. A strong doctor-patient relationship is necessary if the patient is to receive the full benefit of the physician’s services. The patient must feel sure that he/she can talk freely to the doctor and staff; that the doctor and staff are knowledgeable and conscientious, and that the practice is well managed. Only if these attitudes prevail will the patient be likely to take the doctor’s advice and do his/her share in following through with treatment. The staff plays an important role in building this confidence by being cheerful, friendly, tactful, neat, industrious, and efficient.

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