Plastic Surgeon Dr. Stall Joins Practice

Dr Tyler Stall

Dr. Christine Rausch welcomes plastic surgeon Dr. Tyler Stall to the Skin Surgery Center of Virginia. Dr. Rausch and Dr. Stall will be working closely together to manage patients who receive care in our practice. Dr. Stall’s expertise in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, along with Dr. Rausch’s expertise in mohs skin cancer care and reconstruction, represents Virginia’s first dual-specialty practice model, focusing on optimizing comprehensive skin cancer care and aesthetic and reconstructive surgery in one convenient location.

Dr. Stall offers a full line of cosmetic plastic surgery of the face, breast and body. Some of the services available to you are breast reconstruction, augmentation and reduction; liposuction; tummy tucks; brow lifts; eyelid surgery and face lifts. Some of these services are performed right here in our office, others at a local outpatient surgery center.

Please feel free to ask questions and request additional information. We’re happy to set up a consultation for you to meet Dr. Stall to discuss the options available to you.


Welcome to the Skin Surgery Center of Virginia, a comprehensive surgical facility conveniently located in Central Virginia. We are pleased that you have chosen our office for your surgical care. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of care and expertise.

Under the direction of Dr. Christine S. Rausch, board-certified dermatologist and Mohs surgeon, as well as friendly and experienced staff, we provide state-of-the-art surgical treatments for skin cancer, including the highly effective Mohs surgery. Patient health and comfort are among our top priorities, which is why we remain committed to providing the most advanced treatments available in a safe and welcoming environment.

As one of the only facilities in Virginia specifically designed for the treatment of skin cancer, the Skin Surgery Center of Virginia is approved by the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission accreditation ensures that the Skin Surgery Center of Virginia meets the highest quality industry standards for the safest surgical environment, while maintaining a comfortable, cost-effective, outpatient setting for your surgical experience.

To learn more about the surgical services performed in our Henrico facility, please call us at 804.282.4940 or contact us to schedule an appointment.